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Dinner With You

Tonight I'll cook you some dinner.
I've decided, you will watch me
and I will cook you something nice.
Sit down, take off your shoes.
Take your bun out and in fact
take off the rest.

Put on some music while I chop.
The kind that makes you dance.
Dance around the room.
Dance around me and place kisses
on my neck as I stur the pot.
Tomato sauce is the colour of love.

Kiss me, peck me, make my eyes shut.
Don't worry about the cooking,
if it burns then it burns, there's nothing
we can do about it but kiss some more.
Place your bottom against the worktop,
it's as if it was made for it.

Place the pasta on the plate,
place the sauce on the pasta.
Top it all off with parmesan.
Place your lips on mine one last time.
Let's eat, even though we are full.
Full of love.

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